Bar and Bat Mitzva for 101 Children at Risk

100-10On Thursday, October 19th, 2017 the  Shaalei Tikva organization was honored to celebrate the Bar and Bat mitzvahs of 101 girls and boys from  at risk families with a daylong celebration in Jerusalem. The youths came from across Israel each one with their own unique story and personal challenges that have lead them to where they are today. This wonderful event was initiated by Mr. Max Benaim, Chairman of the Estrella Benaim Z”l Foundation, who raised the majority of the funds necessary for this event.

The day began in the holy and magical aura of the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem where the boys put on their new Tefillin for the first time after which they experienced a special Tefila at the Kotel as did the girls. Finally a festive meal at the Ramat Rachel hotel with music,
much dancing and singing. Each Bar mitzvah boy  received a  new Tefillin and Tallit set, with a personalized embroidered bag, and Siddur and each Bat Mitzva girl received a Siddur, gift voucher, bag, purse and silver necklace. Receiving a bar or bat mitzvah gift is something that these youth don’t take for granted and appreciate for all its worth.

Respected guests included: Rav Rabinowitz – Rav Hakotel, Mr. Max Benaim – Chairman of the Estrella Benaim Foundation, Harav Rachamim Nissimi Chairman of Shaalei Tikva and distinguished guests from the Sephardi community in Toronto.