Bayit Ham

Since 1999 Shaalei Tikva has been working for the benefit of children at risk in peripheral areas all over Israel. Our Bayit Cham (Warm Home) network uses the best normative facilities and applies a holistic approach with regard to the home, school and the street in a supportive and loving atmosphere.

We currently operate the Bayit Cham in Beit Shemesh, Or Yehuda, Katzrin, Kadima, Garin Hadar Haifa, Givat Olga and Afikei Golan serving a total of 150 children at risk.

Our longstanding goals are: providing education, therapy and emotional support for our deserving children, teaching them social skills, instilling them with self-confidence, and making a difference in the lives of our children and their families.

In order to achieve these worthy goals we have to maintain a comfortable and safe physical environment that our children will be happy to come to and be a part of on a daily basis. For this reason, we put a high priority on the upkeep of our facilities.

The original Bayit Cham in Beit Shemesh recently underwent repairs of serious structural damage and faces further renovations in the kitchenette and classrooms.

The planned enhancements are intended to ensure proper sanitary conditions and provide our youth with a cheerful home and school environment, enabling them to face the challenges and growing pains of their teenage years with a sense of optimism and hope.