Building Renovations

The Bayit Chaim in Beit Shemesh

The Shaalei Tikva Bayit Cham complex in Bet Shemesh consists of three free standing homes that were bought thanks to the assistance of our kind supporters.

Today, the three homes are connected and share a garden which allows us to create a number of activities in the same area. In one day, over sixty children at different levels of risk are found within the gates of the Bayit Cham.

They are separated into five groups according to age, from six to twelve. The children arrive straight from school and we are in constant contact with their teachers and counselors. Our staff helps them with their daily struggles by enabling them to attain tools with which they can to deal with the struggles of their family life.

Shaalei Tikva wants to help these children to break the vicious cycle of distress and help to empower them to be able stand on their own two feet, attain maturity, integrate into higher learning facilities and emerge with the hope of living a better future.

Renovations to the Tutorial and Enrichment Building

For the past fifteen years or so hundreds of children merited to learn and use the different classrooms in the Bayit Cham complex in Bet Shemesh. In every home there are four rooms used for learning, two therapy rooms, a kitchen and an eating area. Recently we completed renovating the two of the roofs after one ceiling collapsed. Thankfully, no children were there when the ceiling collapsed and the damage caused was to furniture alone.

Another one of the buildings is in need of immediate renovation, due to both sanitary as well as physical and safety issues. A strong odor emanates from the plumbing in the house, which has not been changed since the house was built over thirty years ago. A part of the stairs of the house is broken, the stair rail needs to be changed, there are leaks from the porch directly into one of the classrooms, and the kitchenette where simple meals are prepared is in need of immediate help due to the mold growing. Painting of the house in general and the classrooms specifically with warm, happy colors is also needed, in following the Talmudic directive, “A nice home broadens the mind of a person.”

Cost of Renovation
Building Renovations                                                                                  $70,000                          – (based on written estimate of engineer and architect

Origins of Income
World Zionist Organization(approved with a matching donation)         $35,000

In order to complete all the renovation work we need an additional $35,000.

Obviously, the donor who aids in completing the renovations will receive the option of having an impressive plaque of appreciation placed upon the walls of the Bayit Cham.