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Israel: Nahal Sorek 16, Bet Shemesh, Sha'alei Tikva

Winter Clothes for Every Child

Winter is at our doorstep and there are dozens of children here in Israel who do not have appropriate warm clothing to face the chill and rain.

The Warm Homes which Sha’alei Tikva runs provides the children with a hot lunch, assistance with their school work, warmth and love which is sorely lacking in the children’s lives.

Every year on Hanukkah, we try to give the children gift cards in order to help them buy clothes for the winter. Since we are dealing with children from a very low socio-economic level, their parents are rarely able to buy them new clothes. We decided to combine winter clothes and gifts together to enable them a “buying experience” that most normative children from normative families are familiar with, but which is foreign to these children.

The joy that these children and their parents experience in buying new, warm clothes for the winter, and the pleasure they experience buying like “normative kids,” cannot be described.

The amount needed for Hanukah gifts is (300 nis for every child X 80 =24,000 nis/ $6660.

The holiday of Hanukkah is rapidly approaching, and we once again ask you to support this worthwhile project.