Chocolate Time, ChocolaTeam New Social initiative for youth at Risk

On May 15th,2018 we celebrated the dedication of the CHOCOLATEAM Boutique in Sha’alim’s Warm Home on Rehov Harakefet , Bet Shemesh.
The ceremony took place in the presence of Mayor Moshe Abutbul, the ambassador of Ecuador, Gavrielle Trose, who has world- wide reputation in the cocoa industry, Rutti Mekonan from Bank Leumi Bank Shemesh, who help support this unique initiative and Rav Rachamim Nissimi, Head of the Sha’alim organization.
The youth will be guided by a professional chocolatier and will enable them to take part in every stage of the creation of chocolate, from preparation and branding to marketing and selling of the product.
The name chosen for this initiative is “ChocolaTeam” with a stress on team work.
As part of their training in this initiative the youths will learn concepts connected to the worlds of chocolate and business and will experience weekly preparing a variety of delicately made boutique chocolate, along with acquiring positive life skills.
The youths will be able to go out into society at large, to sell their creations and to contribute in the societal framework.
Ambasssador Gvarielle Trose who was very impressed by what she saw remarked: “I have visited and enjoyed seeing Sha’alim’ projects countrywide. Ecuador is the land of cocoa and we shall try to co-operate with this unique chocolate boutique. When our experts visit Israel I will bring them here to see this unique social initiative”.