Ethiopian Kaffe Klasche Trip to Northern Israel

Ethiopian Kaffe Klasche
Ethiopian Kaffe Klasche group taking a breather in the shade
Ethiopian Kaffe Klasche spouses getting a chance to pray at Rebbe Meir Bal Haness' gravesite
Ethiopian Spouses praying at gravesite in Northern Israel

Part of the Ethiopian Kaffe Klasche Empowerment program is to enrich the participants’ knowledge of all aspects of Israeli and Jewish culture and history. Before Passover, the entire group, (and their spouses) packed up on a chartered bus and traveled to all the Northern tourist “Hot Spots”, including Tzfat, Tiberius, the burial site of the Rambam, and more.

Knowledge is power, and we are so excited to enable these women to have opportunities for empowering themselves with knowledge and experiences they may have never received had it not been for this program. Thank you so much to all the donors and foundations who have contributed to the Kaffe Klasche.